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Boomi is a cloud-based integration platform that connects apps, data, and people across various industries. With self-managing, self-learning, and self-scaling features, it accelerates digital transformation and innovation. Explore Boomi’s unified platform for efficient data synchronization, automated workflows, and streamlined processes.

DCHBI works closely with Boomi to help you gain a competitive advantage and ensure your success at the project lifecycle.

Support by Robust Community

The Boomi Community is the go-to hub which boasts the largest collection of worldwide experts and provides access to best practices, tutorials, discussions, and helpful resources. Users can easily search for thousands of articles, videos, and examples, participate in topic-specific groups, receive timely notifications, and earn reputation points through gamification. 

Boomi acts as a bridge, seamlessly connecting various applications and data sources. Whether dealing with diverse datasets, applications, or systems, Boomi simplifies complexities, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration. Boomi coordinates data exchange between different systems, identifying automation opportunities.

Unified Platform for Integration

Streamline and Enhance Diverse Data Sources

Design for data variety, Boomi supports all key integration patterns, including streaming, batch, and ETL. It handles high volumes of disconnected, distributed, and diverse data sources, unifying them effectively. Data cleansing and deduplication ensure quality during the process.

Future-proofs your IT landscape

Boomi enables rapid integration, often 2X to 5X faster than alternatives. Its low-code interface allows developers to visually configure integrations without custom coding. Pre-built connectors to 200+ applications and connectivity to over 1,500 endpoints streamline development cycles.

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