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DCH Auriga digitalises its business with Salesforce



#1 The daily routine manual process of call-in and order placing was automated by the 7 x 24 self-service portal, empowered by Sales Cloud. The burden of manpower for call enquiries from 1000 active clients can be reallocated to more value-added areas

#2 There was a new feature of notifications upon reaching an alarming level of stock out, to call for immediate replenishment action by procurement, to maintain a trustworthy level by clients

#3 All the required product and delivery information can be retrieved within seconds without waiting

#4 All the documentations were stored in Cloud with professional level of security and safety

#5 All 8000 clients can check any information at any time in any location, without any boundary and limitation, thereby increasing the level of satisfaction and enhancing customer services, with less complaints on inefficient and client information loss



DCH Auriga is an Asian-based integrated market management provider specialising in healthcare. DCH Auriga was faced with increasing demands in ethical integrity, partnership and transparency, more than 500 brands at over 10,000 points of sale and heavy traffic on quality services from over 8000 patients.



Manufacturing - Healthcare



Salesforce Sales Cloud, Mobile app, Chatter, Lightning


Countries Covered

Hong Kong


  • There was a heavy burden on manpower for handling the huge amount of incomingenquiries and ordering from 1000 active patients with frequent and routine orders.

  • The issue of stock out is very serious as there are over 500 brands from 10000 POSs, which potentially hurts the reputation and level of customer loyalty of DCH Auriga.

  • The product information and delivery schedule are not very instant and updated, as needed to be provided by respective product and delivery teams.

  • There are lots of documentations for the product and confidential client information, and it is super time-consuming in retrieving the required information

DCH Auriga

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