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Housing Society establish a systematic CRM approach with Salesforce



#1 Centralized system can allow corporate sales data, membership profile and campaign’s performance tracking in real time.

#2 There is a better control on all aspects of the operation from membership recruitment to event management.

#3 Users can instantly access Salesforce CRM via Mobile, anytime, anywhere.

#4 Real time reports & dashboards enable them to understand the operation and marketing activities better for better decision making.



Hong Kong Housing Society is a non-government organization aiming to serve the needs of the Hong Kong community in housing and related services. We strive to be a world-class housing solution provider and innovator with leadership in quality, value for money and management.






Salesforce Sales Cloud


Countries Covered

Hong Kong


  • There was a fragmented system and data is only recorded in Excel.

  • There was lack of visibility of housing Project and Unable to manage campaigns or events effectively by members log.

  • Management of hotline calls were not systematic enough.

Hong Kong Housing Society

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