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Ricoh increases its collaboration with Salesforce 



#1 Salesforce creates a unified and secure environment that connects different departments to work collaboratively and manage major accounts.

#2 There is a Single integrated view of information within Salesforce CRM.

#3 Sales processes are streamlined with automated workflows, and activities are more effectively measured.

#4 Salesforce can be instantly access via mobile devices, online or offline, anytime anywhere.



Ricoh Hong Kong Limited (RHK) is engaged in the direct sales and distribution of Ricoh office products as well as service support provision in Hong Kong and Macau.



Manufacturing / Machinery



Salesforce Sales Cloud


Countries Covered

Hong Kong


  • There was a low User Adoption on the existing In-house Developed Application (IDA)

  • Functions & Features of existing system were not capable to meet the requirement of growing business.

  • There was a low accessibility to entire customer profile for instant response and strategic planning.

  • There was Lack of collaboration among sales team and supporting parties.


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