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Elevate Customer Support: Automate after-sales service with Automation Anywhere

Updated: Apr 8

Delivering exceptional customer service is critical for building loyalty and creating raving fans of your brand. However, many support teams struggle to handle high ticket volumes and provide fast, accurate resolutions due to reliance on manual processes. This results in long response times, disjointed experiences, and frustrated customers.

The good news is that intelligent automation can dramatically elevate customer support. Solutions like Automation Anywhere allow you to automate repetitive service tasks for greater efficiency, consistency, and scalability. Let's examine how process automation can transform after-sales customer service.

Addressing Key Industry Pain Points

Typical customer support challenges across industries include:

  • High ticket volume exceeding available resources. Many support teams face a barrage of customer inquiries across channels like phone, email, chat, social media. Available agents get overwhelmed, leading to long backlogs.

  • Long resolution times due to process inefficiencies. Lack of standardization and reliance on manual work inflates resolution timeframes, resulting in missed SLAs. Steps like data lookup, documentation, and information sharing between systems delay issue resolution.

  • Inconsistent and disjointed customer experiences. With siloed systems and processes, customers get frustrated having to explain issues repeatedly. Manual handoffs between agents creates disjointed experiences.

  • Fragmented customer data across systems. Agents waste time piecing together information from separate knowledge bases, CRMs, inventory databases, etc. This results in an incomplete view of the customer profile and history.

  • Reactive issue mitigation instead of proactive service. The focus stays on tackling backlogs rather than analyzing data to understand pain points and improve service quality.

  • This leads to reactive issue mitigation instead of proactive service. Customers get frustrated over delayed responses and disjointed experiences. Valuable agent time is wasted on repetitive manual work.

Automating after-sales processes with AI-driven tools can overcome these pain points. Benefits include:

  • Reduced ticket backlog and faster response

  • Shortened resolution times and improved SLAs

  • Consistent service delivery 24/7

  • Consolidated customer information

Next, let's examine how Automation Anywhere empowers support teams to realize these benefits.

Streamlining Service with Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere provides an intelligent digital workforce that automates repetitive service tasks across channels. Key features include:

  • Bots that work like virtual agents to handle high volume inquiries

  • Natural language capability to understand customer questions

  • Integrations with ticketing systems to autogenerate tickets

  • Unified customer data from apps like Salesforce and SAP

  • Centralized control room to manage and track all bots

With Automation Anywhere, you can easily automate processes like:

  1. Account lookups - Fetch customer data from systems automatically

  2. Invoice generation - Produce and email invoices without manual work

  3. Order status updates - Quickly retrieve status from backend systems

  4. Refund processing - Validate claims and process approved refunds

  5. Loyalty benefits - Instantly apply entitlements during service calls

  6. Appointment booking - Suggest available slots and confirm bookings

  7. Post-sale survey - Send feedback form and collate responses

  8. Case creation - Automatically open support ticket and assign case ID

  9. FAQ response - Instantly reply to common questions with templated answers

  10. Data capture - Log all interactions and update customer records

Business Impact: Elevated Experience, Increased Efficiency

By deploying an automation solution like Automation Anywhere, you can realize powerful benefits:

  • 60% faster response time by automating initial inquiries

  • 40% improvement in resolution times and SLA adherence

  • 30% increase in customer satisfaction score from faster resolution

  • 65% reduction in average handling time for repetitive service requests

  • 90% consistency in service delivery with standardized processes

Your team is freed from mundane tasks to focus on complex issues and value-added customer interactions. Customers enjoy quick, coherent service and more personalized engagement.

With automated scale and efficiency gains, you can handle rising ticket volumes without expanding staff. This drives significant cost savings while elevating the customer experience - a true win-win!

Success Stories: Transforming Service Delivery

Leading brands have experienced the benefits of Automation Anywhere firsthand:

1. KPMG - Automated repetitive IT support tasks like password resets, software installs, and hardware troubleshooting. This improved response rate to employees by over 60%. Support agents were reskilled for more strategic roles.

2. Nissan - Deployed AI-powered bots across 20 global markets to handle standard customer inquiries like order status, warranty claims, and payment processing. Automation improved service efficiency by 50%.

3. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group - Automated customer requests like card activations, loan eligibility checks and account balance lookups. Resolution time for these common inquiries dropped by 95%.

4. Symantec - Automated 50+ repetitive support processes including refunds, resets, creating service tickets, and data syncs. This freed up hundreds of thousands of work hours for customer-facing initiatives.

5. Cognizant - Built a centralized bot manager dashboard to track and optimize 100+ bots handling service desk tasks. First call resolution rose substantially while operations costs decreased.

The numbers speak clearly - intelligent automation of repetitive service requests has a transformational impact on customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and bottom line results.

Key Takeaways

  • Automating repetitive support tasks is key to boosting operational efficiency.

  • Solutions like Automation Anywhere provide an AI-enabled digital workforce to streamline after-sales service.

  • Benefits include reduced ticket backlog, faster resolution times, improved SLAs, and cost savings.

  • Industry leaders have leveraged Automation Anywhere to transform support and elevate the customer experience.

To stay competitive, companies must embrace intelligent automation tools. The bottom line? Automating customer service processes pays dividends across industries. Streamlined operations and satisfied customers set the stage for business success. Act now to efficiently scale your support function.

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